Cycle Friendly Employers


Life Cycle UK has more than five years, hands-on experience of promoting cycling to work. We have worked with scores of employers, both large and small, public and private sector, providing them with practical advice about how to encourage cycle commuting. This experience has now been collated into our Cycle-Friendly Employers’ Guide.

The guide covers:

  • Travel surveys and site audits
  • Best practice in terms of equipment and facilities
  • Payments and incentives for cycle use
  • Proven ways of promoting cycling at the workplace
  • How staff can start and sustain a Bicycle User Group (BUG)

Also included are sample travel survey forms, a directory of equipment suppliers and template logos for use on newsletters and posters.

The guide is an essential resource for:

  • Businesses wanting to develop Green Travel Plans
  • Local authorities, whether devising their own GTP or encouraging others to
  • Health promotion professionals
  • Cycling organisations
  • Architects and developers
  • Individuals wanting to improve conditions at their place of work

Use the Cycle-Friendly Employers’ Guide to give your organisation’s existing cyclists a better deal and to persuade more members of staff to give cycling a try.