Cycle Training

Training is the key to safe, confident cycling. Life Cycle UK works with children and adults and runs a special programme for schools . We provide training for all levels of ability – from complete beginners unable to ride a bike at all, through to experienced cyclists who want to polish their skills.

Sessions can be one-to-one or for small groups. We work with individuals and with communities, businesses and voluntary organisations.

We also offer consultancy services for clients across the UK. We can deliver training to your people or help you set up your own cycle training scheme.

Health on Wheels

Cycling is a superb form of exercise – a gentle workout for the body and mind. Health experts recommend a minimum of 30 minutes brisk physical activity each day. A short bike ride – your trip to work or to school or to the shops – is an ideal way of achieving this.

Health on Wheels is the name of an exciting new project from Life Cycle UK. It offers a unique programme of “cycling on prescription” working in partnership with doctors and other healthcare professionals in the greater Bristol area. Patients whose condition will benefit from being more active are helped to take up cycling. A course of six cycle training sessions are available to patients free of charge, plus plus practical advice and information about routes and bike-related events.

Life Cycle UK is also co-ordinating an e-mail group called Cycling for Health. This is a forum for people working on, or with an interest in, projects that seek to promote physical activity through cycling. Click here to subscribe.


BikeAbility is an exciting new project to promote cycling in Easton (BS5) and Southmead (BS10) areas of Bristol.

Through a range of activities, BikeAbility will help local people take up cycling. The project will:

  • Provide free maps, information and an individual route planning service. Tell us where you want to travel from and to and we can plan a cycle friendly route that is suitable for you.
  • Offer free individual cycle training for children, teenagers and adults. This service is normally £20, but is free to residents of Easton and Southmead. We can help you build your confidence to learn to ride a bike or to try out new routes.
  • Supply free cycle parking stands for community buildings and small businesses in your area so that people have better security for their bikes.
  • Organise local events that give you a chance to learn about cycling or even take you out on guided rides so you can explore your area.
  • Teach you basic maintenance for your bike so you can be confident about keeping your bike roadworthy and affordable to use.

All the above services are either free or available at low cost to residents of Southmead and Easton. BikeAbility depends on local people taking part and telling us what you want to happen in your area. Contact us with ideas, comments, suggestions or if there’s an event happening that you’d like us to be involved with.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with the project. If you’ve got any time to spare please email us or phone 0117 929 0440 to let us know what you would like to do.

Take a Stand

Free cycle parking for your organisation!

Voluntary sector groups, schools, small businesses, churches and surgeries in Bristol can get free cycle parking stands under the Take a Stand scheme run by Life Cycle UK in partnership with Bristol City Council.

Two stands – that’s parking for four bikes – are available per applicant. You must install them on your property (you can’t dig up the pavement!) in a location agreed with Life Cycle UK.

Good cycle parking tells the world that you’re an environmentally-friendly organisation and it’s a proven way of deterring cycle theft. Go on, Take a Stand!